82nd Airborne

An ARMA 3 MilSim Gaming Community


In order to join us in operations you will need to run a compatible modpack.  You can get the modpack here.


You will need to install TeamSpeak and Task Force Radio in order to communicate.  Find details here.

Time Commitment

Join in on the fun as little or as much as you like. We have things going on almost every day of the week.


Maturity. Respect. To keep us all moving in the same direction, we have some basic rules for membership.


1. The recruit MUST have a working microphone, Teamspeak 3, and the ability to communicate clear in English.

If you don’t have Teamspeak, you can download it for free here

2. The recruit should be at least 18 years of age.

Certain exceptions can be made for minors who demonstrate experience and maturity. No one under 14 can enlist under any circumstances.


3. The recruit MUST have basic knowledge of Arma gameplay.

It’s OK if you’ve never used Task Force Radio. We’ll train you. But if you just bought the game and have little experience playing ARMA, you cannot join the 82nd Airborne. Once you have at least some basic gameplay knowledge (basic controls, movement, assigning keys, etc.), you’re more than welcome to reapply. We encourage you to play on our public servers so that you may get to know some of our members and gain some of the experience or prerequisites needed to successfully enlist in the future.


4. The recruit should be fairly active.

Preferably, more than a couple hours per week. We want active and serious members. Now i's true - we don't force a lot of rigid demands like some MilSim units.  We don't kick you out for missing an operation or any foolishness like that.  However, if you only show up infrequently then it may be difficult for you to perform well as a member of a team, and it may slow your ability to gain the kind of trust of teammates that allows them to operate at a high level. So, if you’re just an infrequent casual gamer, this may not be the right place for you.

We expect all new recruits to attend our basic training course. Having completed that, they will be invited to attend additional events like our Team vs Team matches (Friday Night Fights), attend our Saturday Ops at 3:00 pm EST, and attend trainings and MCC missions which are offered throughout the week.  

We ask that every member be active in some way each week.  If you are unable to be active on a given week, we ask that you notify us using our convenient automated notification system.

5. The recruit MUST be able to follow orders and respect the chain-of-command.

We are here to have fun, but we also expect teamwork and compliance during trainings and organized ops because it will enrich our gaming experience and bring us closer as a functioning unit. After all, we are an Arma 3 realistic military simulation unit. This isn’t “Call-Of Duty”.

6. The recruit’s name MUST be identical on Teamspeak, on our forum and in-game.

The format is first initial, period, space, last name (ex. J. Doe).

Operations and Exercises

As a member of 82nd Airborne, you'll be assigned to one of the Squads with a specific role in a Fire Team.  You'll be invited to participate in frequent training opportunities at the Fire Team, Squad, and Platoon level. 

Weekly training culminates in organized Field Training Exercises or Operations. These are conducted with a high degree of realism.